Angelica Berrie

Nadav Award 2010

Angelica Berrie for her contribution in raising new and pluralistic voices within the Jewish tradition and promoting a dialogue between Jews of different backgrounds through her philanthropy, and for the video, “We Con The World,” by the Latma Group.

Angelica Berrie is the President of the Russell Berrie Foundation and Chairman of the Hartman Institute in North America. Angelica’s passion and dedication to Jewish Peoplehood are evident in her deep communal involvements in Israel and North America.

The clip “We Con the World” is a remarkable video, produced by the creative team of Latma, which made many Jews feel proud in a time of conflict and tension for our people. The personal initiative, sincere effort and brilliant use of modern media, reaching a mass audience, gave rise to the pluralistic dialogue among Jews the world over. The video garnered over 2 million views on YouTube.