NADAV Peoplehood Award for 2010


September 26, 2010, Tel-Aviv

The 2010 NADAV Peoplehood Award ceremony took place on September 26 during a special reception in the Marshall Garden of the Tel-Aviv University.









The NADAV Peoplehood Award was established by the NADAV Foundation in 2009 to recognize and honor exceptional service and ongoing commitment to the Jewish People. It is awarded annually.

The NADAV Foundation aims to help build a vibrant Jewish present and future in which Jews, wherever they live, feel connected and committed to one another and their shared history and common destiny. It is this appreciation of collective identity that we call Jewish Peoplehood.

The Peoplehood Award presents a unique opportunity to highlight individuals, communities, projects and organizations that have made distinct contributions in the field of Jewish Peoplehood, thereby helping to ensure the Jewish People thrive globally. Our award recipients provide clear illustrations of what it means to act on peoplehood values and goals.

This year the award was given to an individual and a new media production:


Angelica Berrie – for enhancing new and diverse voices within Jewish tradition and creating dialogue between Jews of different backgrounds through her philanthropy. Angelica’s passion and dedication to Jewish Peoplehood are evident in her deep communal involvements in Israel and North America.


Clip “We Con the World” – a remarkable video, produced by the creative team of Latma, which made many Jews feel proud in a time of conflict and tension for our people. The personal initiative, sincere effort and brilliant use of modern media, reaching a mass audience, gave rise to the pluralistic dialogue among Jews the world over.