The Nevzlin Center Migration Studies project- May 29 2011

2-Year Pilot Project on Migration

The Leonid Nevzlin Research Center for Russian & East European Jewry continues to implement Migrations Study project initiated last year.  The aim of the 2-year pilot project is to reinsert the issue of migration into the study of modern Jewish history, as well as to return the study of East European Jewish migrations to the wider fields of migration and Diaspora studies.

From 29-30 May 2011, the Nevzlin Center at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem hosted the second workshop for our international research group on migration from, and in, Russia and Eastern Europe. This meeting marked the mid-point in our 2-year pilot project, which is designed to produce a manuscript for a cutting-edge scholarly publication on this topic.

The results of the workshop included the final determination of the research topics for all seven members of our research team and a timetable for the preparation of the manuscript. The volume will include multi-disciplinary articles on the politics of migration, the experience of migration as expressed through individual biographies, as well as explorations of the cultural discourse and cultures of Jewish migration from Russia and Eastern Europe. The volume will focus on these issues during the interwar period, an era in which the borders of most countries were closing to immigration despite the increasingly desperate state of much of East European Jewry.

The Nevzlin Center Migration Studies project-inner

As of this moment the Nevzlin Center has come to a preliminary agreement with the Harriman Institute at Columbia University to cooperate in the organization of an international conference during September or October 2012. This conference will mark the end of our 2-year pilot project and the launching of the second stage of the program, which we hope will include a number of scholars sponsored by the Harriman Institute conducting research on migration from, and in, Eurasia. These efforts are intended to reinsert the study of Jewish migration from Eastern Europe back into the heart of the current, dynamic, international scholarly dialogue on migration.

The Migration Project Staff:

Academic chairman: Jonathan Dekel-Chen (Nevzlin Center)

Project coordinator: Rafi Tsirkin-Sadan (Nevzlin Center)

Eli Lederhendler (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)

Ken Moss (Johns Hopkins University)

Jeffrey Veidlinger (Indiana University)

Anna Lipphardt (Freiburg University)

Tami Razi (Tel Aviv University & Sapir College)

Frank Wolff (Bielefeld University, Germany & Johns Hopkins University)