Beit Hatfutsot at the Global Sukkot Festival 2012

The Global Sukkot Festival of 2012, which took place during the seven weekdays of the holiday (Chol HaMoed) in the cities of Netanya and Ashdod, featured especially-designed sukkahs from different Jewish communities around the world. During the festival, visitors took part in diverse activities and enjoyed music shows from some of Israel’s leading music and dance artists.

The festival, which was organized by Beit Hatfutsot, the hosting municipalities and the Hasbara Ministry, featured the largest sukkah in the world (560 square meters in size) in which smaller sukkahs were erected – each designed according to the nature of the community it represented.

One of the main activity areas was the Beit Hatfutsot area, which invited visitors to take part in a unique project planned and executed by illustrator and caricature artist Hanoch Piven. Visitors created a module of their family members, and then photographed it. Later, all the photographs were integrated in a large mosaic presented at BeitHatfutsot. Visitors were also given tools and guidance to build their own family tree.


The festival also hosted a sukkah dedicated to Israel and the diaspora, in which visitors learned about Jewish communities abroad through videos, displays and interactive activities. Other areas included: an urban area, in which visitors learned about each city represented in the festival; a food area with delicious characteristic foods; and an area where visitors could enjoy music and dance shows.



פסטיבל המשפחה בבית התפוצות 2012-inner