The Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood at IDC Herzliya

The Jewish Peoplehood Center was launched in 2010 as a collaborative effort between the NADAV Foundation and IDC Herzliya, Israel’s first privately-funded and not-for-profit institution of higher learning. The aim of the center is to transform the concept of Jewish Peoplehood into an academic discipline.

Since its inception, the Jewish Peoplehood center has grown in leaps and bounds and now boasts 36 fascinating courses, reaching about 2,000 Israeli and international students a year. The program includes a series of courses aimed at strengthening the knowledge and understanding of Jewish and Zionist history, old and modern Jewish cultural roots, and Jewish contribution to the world.



The center’s academic team includes Prof. Yoav Gelber, the director of the center and a leading historian on the State of Israel, along with Prof. Yair Zakowitz, an expert in Biblical studies, Dr. Uri Lashman, a composer and musicologist,  Dr. Emanuela Rubinstein, an expert in contemporary Israeli culture, and others,

The courses on Jewish peoplehood, taught in both English and Hebrew, aim to cultivate and deepen a common identity among the Jewish students and to reinforce their sense of belonging to the Jewish people; while providing IDC’s non-Jewish students with an understanding of Jewish and Zionist history and culture.

The center has now applied to the Council of Higher Education for full degree status, which will allow the center to evolve into a full program of “Jewish Peoplehood”, granting a secondary degree alongside students’ major degree.

The Nevzlin Center for Jewish Peoplehood at IDC Herzliya